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Praise Is The Cure® - Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Celebrating Survivors

Praise Is The Cure® (PITC) is a movement that cares about the breast health of our current and future generations of African American women and men. We recognize the difficult journey to wellness made by African American Breast Cancer patients, survivors, and their families, and we are ready to help. Our mission is to motivate, educate and encourage African Americans to get breast cancer screenings and treatment. We promote intervention, prevention and awareness, targeting African American Women and their families with an emphasis on the underserved and underinsured.

Our outreach programs celebrate patients and survivors and provide encouragement to uplift parents, spouses, children, family and friends who have gone down the path to recovery. Breast cancer affects EVERYONE! Our goal is to create more survivors and inspire all to continue the fight against breast cancer.

For additional information, please contact us today by calling (215) 635-1025.

2013 Praise Is The Cure® - Event Information

Praise Is The Cure® Week of Hope, Health & Healing
September 29 – October 5, 2013

During Praise Is The Cure®, families from across the Philadelphia Tri-State will converge for an amenities filled week-long retreat that blends: health advocacy, soulful cuisine, family friendly entertainment, health screenings, workshops, discussions and sponsor pavilions for the ultimate goal of spreading Hope, Health and Healing.

September 29, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Day

October 5, 2013

Real Men Wear Pink Forum

October 5, 2013

Mammogram Screenings

October 5, 2013

PITC Praise Café

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